Tahini Tuna Salad Stuffed Avocados

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tahini tuna salad stuffed avocados

Anytime I have the chance to eat one food, out of bowl that is made of another food, I’m all about it.

Maybe you picked up on that after these fajita stuffed acorn squash bowls, and these avocado baked eggs. Just to play it safe though, I decided to have another crack at it, this time with tahini tuna salad stuffed avocados.

Might be my favorite food-stuffed-food to date.

tahini-tuna-salad-stuffed-avocados (2 of 12)Whenever I meet someone who says they don’t like avocados, I have an immediate feeling of distrust towards them.

I realize that may sound extreme, but who could dislike the creamy, mixable, mashable, spreadable perfection that is an avocado? It’s pretty much butter, that grows on trees.

What’s not to love?

tahini tuna salad stuffed avocados

My husband happens to be one of those curious characters who claims not to love avocados. But I think he’s warming up to them, actually, and just last weekend I noticed him getting pretty cozy with a bowl of guacamole. tahini-tuna-salad-stuffed-avocados (5 of 12)

I’m willing to share mine with him, I suppose. I kind of like him first of all, and secondly because he is my primary recipe tester– and I need him to get on board with avocados, seeing as they’re one of my favorite ingredients.

tahini tuna salad stuffed avocados

I always buy a big bag of avocados, leave them on my counter until they get perfectly ripe (give in slightly to a squeeze) and then relocate them to the refrigerator. They will live on in their perfectly ripe state for about 5 days if they are cool enough.

tahini tuna salad stuffed avocados

Just a little tip for always having perfect avocados available to slice open and stuff with tahini tuna salad.

Which is one of my favorite go-to lunches that can be made in minutes, with ingredients you most likely have laying around.

tahini-tuna-salad-stuffed-avocados (8 of 12)I always have cans of tuna on hand because they are perfect for weekday lunches and last minute dinners when you’re day is unreasonably crazy. A hurried meal doesn’t have to equal an unhealthy one.

tahini-tuna-salad-stuffed-avocados (7 of 12)

Some people avoid tuna because they are fearful of the mercury it contains, but the recommendation to limit tuna consumption for this reason was originally directed towards pregnant women. Even still, there’s no evidence that pregnant women, children, or any other eater will be harmed by enjoying more than 12 ounces of it per week.

tahini-tuna-salad-stuffed-avocados (9 of 12)

Most of us should be eating more fish, not less of it, and as long as your diet includes adequate amounts of selenium, you needn’t worry about mercury. That’s because selenium counteracts the adverse effects of mercury exposure, and luckily the majority of fish we eat (including tuna) contains more selenium than mercury.

tahini-tuna-salad-stuffed-avocados (12 of 12)

So with all seafood hesitations aside, get your tuna salad on. The mayonnaise is subbed with tahini and some creamy avocado (although you could always use homemade mayo) and I always just add in whatever is left in my fridge waiting to get used up. On this particular day it included celery, onions, raisins, and a hard boiled egg. But feel free to work with what you’ve got.

tahini tuna salad stuffed avocados

 Go wild, and shock your boring tuna salad back to life.

I wouldn’t skip the avocado bowl, though, if I were you.

tahini-tuna-salad-stuffed-avocados (11 of 12)












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  1. I doubled the recipe (except for the parsley – ran out after a quarter cup) and added a dash of sea salt and pepper. Instead of putting them in an avocado shell, I added a 1/4 diced avocado to each serving and wrapped them in lettuce wraps. Honestly one of the best, if not the best, tuna salad I’ve ever had. Great recipe.

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