Cabbage Noodle Pad Thai

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When I first started dealing with my health problems, I quickly realized that eating outside of the house was extremely challenging. Because I was experiencing sensitivities (read: incredibly uncomfortable negative reactions) to lots of foods, I had to make sure I approved every ingredient that made it to my fork.

To avoid the risk, and to keep from being the most hated, high maintenance restaurant-goer on Earth (that title holds its own set of dangers), I started cooking everything at home, from scratch.

cabbage noodle pad thai

This was tough, at first, but I soon found that it felt really empowering to not rely on anyone else for my own nourishment. All the chopping really sends me to a good place, and the whole process makes the experience of eating that much more rewarding. 

But sometimes I do miss eating out–especially at some of my favorite Asian restaurants–where you get to try things with amazing flavors that you didn’t know even existed. The other day I was reminiscing on some of those elusive flavors, and I got set on recreating a long-time favorite, with a little twist. That is where the idea for this cabbage noodle pad Thai was born.

cabbage noodle pad thai

To me, pad Thai is the ultimate in international comfort food. It’s traditionally made with rice noodles, but I decided to swap them out for some shredded cabbage instead. It still has all of the bold flavors I love, but it doesn’t leave me feeling like I need to crawl into a cocoon afterwards.

cabbage noodle pad thai

You really don’t even miss the noodles in this cabbage noodle pad Thai, because once the cabbage cooks down it gets soft and slippery and very noodle-like. Noodles are usually just a flavor vehicle, anyway.

cabbage noodle pad thai

There are so many flavors, colors, and textures going on inside of this dish, and that really makes my favorite kinds of food. Interesting food will also keep your taste buds excited, and will leave you satisfied with less. Sometimes we end up overeating simply because our plate is filled with bland food, and eating more is an attempt to satisfy our senses.

cabbage noodle pad thai

I’m constantly experimenting with new flavors and taking risks in the kitchen. It doesn’t always turn out just the way I planned, but it is how I’ve created some of my favorite meals.

cabbage noodle pad thai

There’s nothing like something brand new and out of your comfort zone to shake you out of a food rut.

cabbage noodle pad thai

And in my case, that is adding some new twists to a classic. You can toss in some chicken if you’re not into seafood, but I really love my pad Thai with some wild caught shrimp.

cabbage noodle pad thai

Creating your own meals at home lets you control the ingredients that enter your body, and guarantees that you’re making the best food choices that you can.

cabbage noodle pad thai

11 responses to “Cabbage Noodle Pad Thai”

  1. I’m in love with this recipe! Can’t wait to try this with these cabbage noodles! It’s lovely and your images are beautiful. So nice to have discovered your blog. Looking forward to browsing more!

  2. I made this for super. Cabbage for noodles!!! Duh! What a great idea for Keto eating. I used Truvia instead of palm sugar and it was still great! I also used Sambel on mine because I like Thai spicy. I love cilantro but my sister in law doesn’t. I like the way it can be made for individual taste. I made it with shrimp and it was AWESOME!! THANKS for giving me Thai food back!

  3. I have a ton of cabbage from my CSA boxes. This is a delicious way to use it up! Thanks for the idea!! I had a sauce recipe I was already accustomed to using, so stuck with that. My kid who loves Pad Thai with noodles ate it up and requested seconds.

    • Yay! I love how versatile cabbage is. My husband who is a pasta lover was very pleasantly surprised by how much he loves cabbage “noodles” also! 🙂

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