Berry Chickpea Smoothie Bowl

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Berry Chickpea Smoothie Bowl | Reclaiming Yesterday

[This Berry Chickpea Smoothie Bowl is full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats–and you’ll never know you’re eating chickpeas!]

So, what do you think. 

Are you picking up with I’m putting down with this chickpea smoothie bowl??

If you’re unsure, let me walk you down this road. 

First off. Why are you hesitant about putting chickpeas in your smoothie? Is it because they’re full of fiber, protein, and essential vitamins and minerals? 

Or is it because you’ve only ever associated chickpeas with savory foods? (I’m guessing that might be it!) 

Chickpeas (and all legumes) have a neutral flavor that can go sweet or savory

Think about it. Wheat can be turned into both garlic bread and cake with just a few ingredient swaps. In the same way, chickpeas can be blended into a creamy, savory dip for your carrots…OR blended into a creamy, fruity smoothie that you start your day off with! (The same idea goes for black beans too!) 

And unlike full fruit smoothies which can be pretty high in sugar, this berry chickpea smoothie actually helps keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day. That means you feel full longer, and you’ll avoid those snack attack cravings that come from a dip in glucose levels. 

Berry Chickpea Smoothie | Reclaiming Yesterday

Here’s how I like to make my berry chickpea smoothie

I like to have my smoothies out of bowl because it forces me to sit down and actually enjoy my breakfast. That way, I’m mentally satisfied and less likely to reach for snacky foods later just to satisfy an emotional urge to eat. 

I also love to top my smoothie bowls with fun additions. It looks pretty, so you can snap a picture for Instagram. And it’s just more fun to eat, ya know? 

Usually I’ll throw in some nutrient-dense additions to my smoothies like maca powder, camu camu powder, and collagen peptides. Those are all things that support my efforts to balance my hormones, and I’ve found that they work well for me. You should use the things that serve your body in the best way. I always recommend doing a little research on a supplement to see if it’s right for you, then incorporating them one at a time and noting how you feel. 

If you make this berry chickpea smoothie or your version of it please snap a pic and tag me on Instagram or Facebook! Seeing those creations seriously makes my day! 

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    • Hi Jessica! I either used chickpeas that I have cooked (boiled) from dry beans, or just canned chickpeas (which are already cooked)!

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