Grilled Chicken and Asparagus Bowls with Creamy Balsamic Dressing

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Grilled Chicken Asparagus

[These Grilled Chicken and Asparagus Bowls with Creamy Balsamic Dressing couldn’t be easier and taste like the perfect summer night!]

We’re in the middle of putting our first house on the market. 

It’s definitely bittersweet. Even though K and I lived together in Athens, this was our first spot as a couple once we made the journey over to America.

So while our starter home got us started in a new chapter of our lives, three years have passed and it feels like the right thing to move on to greener pastures. (Close pastures though–we love our neighborhood so much we might even try to find a house inside of it!)

So we’re running around trying to shine up the house and searching (impossibly?) for an upgrade that suites both of our tastes and our tight budget. All the while I’m busier than usual at work and still trying to manage a mysterious illness that tests my strength, wit, and sanity each and every day. 

All I’m saying is that I’m extra busy these days, and quick meals like grilled chicken and asparagus bowls are life saving! 

Grilled Chicken Asparagus

But even when life is super hectic I still make is a point to give my body:

A) something delicious, and

B) something nourishing

All it means is that I’ve got to do it a little faster than usual, and I’ve got to make it simple. 

Which I’m really okay with, because sometimes the simplest meals are the best. And I know that you guys are all crazy busy too, so maybe you’ll appreciate some dinner inspiration that doesn’t take too much thought or effort? 

Grilled Chicken Asparagus

For this healthy-tasty-easy bowl I just grilled up some asparagus and chicken breast, and nestled it over some leftover sprouted quinoa. I always make more than I need to have on hand for meals throughout the week. You could sub rice, potatoes, squash, cauliflower rice…whatever suites you!  

Grilled Chicken Asparagus

So all that’s left to do from there is slice up some avocado (always) and tomatoes and drizzle everything with a creamy balsamic dressing. You can whip the dressing up in about four minutes and know that there won’t be any weird chemicals or additives that like to lurk in bottled dressing. 

And that’s it! The best part about this is that you can absolutely make extra and portion it out for quick grab-and-go lunches during the week.

Bonus pro tip for always having ripe avocados on hand:

Buy a big bag from Costco and keep them on your counter until the avocados ripen. Once they’re ripe, transfer them to the fridge until you’re ready to use! They will stay in that perfectly ripe state for about a week. (Not that they would ever last that long in my house!)

Keep it simple and remember to eat something delicious everyday! You deserve it 🙂 

Grilled Chicken Asparagus

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  1. Why have the Quinoa with the chicken dish? It’s over kill (no pun intended)…Quinoa and chicken are
    both strong proteins… need to double up….the plate looks great without it. Just sayin’.

    • Hi Joyce! With every recipe I post I hope that readers will take inspiration and make it their own, which is why I included alternatives for the quinoa! I’m personally trying to increase carb intake for my own health reasons which is why I included it here 🙂

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