Chickpea Flour Crepes with Whipped Honey Goat Cheese

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[These Chickpea Flour Crepes with Whipped Honey Goat Cheese are a delicious and healthy spin on traditional crepes!]

How do you guys feel about goat cheese? 

Personally, I’m a huge fan. But I’ve found that a lot of people wrinkle their noses when they hear goat cheese. And it’s sort of funny because on more than one occasion when I’ve encountered that reaction and then asked if the nose wrinkler had ever tried goat cheese, they in fact, had not. 

Goat cheese is creamy and delicious and actually quite mild.

It can be used in both sweet and savory dishes, and it’s a good option for people that have trouble digesting cow’s milk dairy. It naturally contains less lactose, and the smaller fat globules (can we find a replacement for that word?) are easier to digest

My favorite way to use goat cheese is whipping it with honey and stuffing it into hot, chickpea flour crepes! 

strawberries ice cream scoop_

The friendly folks at Belle Chevre sent me a little care package of their breakfast goat cheeses and I immediately thought of strawberries. That thought led to more yummy thoughts about crepes. So I decided to whip some of the honey goat cheese and stuff it inside of my favorite chickpea flour crepes. 

If you don’t have honey goat cheese, you can just add 1/2 tbs or so of honey to plain goat cheese. And if I haven’t completely convinced you of the magic of goat cheese in a sweet scenario, you can always sub yogurt. 

chickpea flour crepes honey goat cheese_

OH! And I realize I just casually mentioned that I used chickpea flour for these crepes but don’t overlook that detail! Chickpea flour is really a thing and you can find it at Whole Foods or amazon. (It’s much cheaper at the grocery store for some reason, though). It’s naturally gluten-free, and it’s also high in protein, iron, and fiber.

Healthy crepes for the win! 

chickpea flour crepes

Here’s another idea for the crepes in case you grow as fond of them as I have. I topped these little ladies with some yogurt and blueberry lava. (aka frozen blueberries warmed on the stove top with a splash of water and honey). So easy! 

And you know something? It feels like you’ve outsmarted the universe when something so delicious is also really good for you. But really, the universe is no fool. And if you listen closely these crepes are whispering,”Eat me, I’ll make you so happy!”

And they will! Trust me. 


8 responses to “Chickpea Flour Crepes with Whipped Honey Goat Cheese”

  1. I wonder if Judy remembers the German fruit crepes that Mimi made in Port Washington?? I know she has fixed the strawberry souffle for you from the recipe your grandmother used from the same era.

  2. These beauties look amazing, I love the colors and the styling. Love the sound of the recipe as well, I’m a huge fan of goat cheese but have yet to try chickpea flour, sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing!

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