Avocado Baked Eggs with Parsnip, Pea, and Pancetta Hash

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avocado baked eggs When I was living in Greece, I never really got over the affordability of produce.  That, and the fact that the farmers market was set up three steps away from my front porch.  Hugely convenient…unless you happened to have a late night.  Then it just seemed noisy.  But while the domestic produce could be dragged in by the bagful for the change in your pockets, the more “exotic” varieties that I insisted on buying, like avocados, set you back a little more.  So after 6 months of begrudgingly splitting my precious avocado between two plates, I was unhappy to hear my husband admit he wasn’t a huge fan.  All that time…if I would have only known.   DSC_0019 Sort of happy though, too. All the avo greed without the guilt.  Not a bad deal. While those big old pits might seem useless at first glance, they actually hold the space for the perfect little avocado bowl.  Like a little nest, just asking for something to make its home inside. DSC_0006 Eggs and avocados were meant to be eaten together, I’m pretty positive.  They are both so perfectly contained in their own packaging.  Spherically oblong and full of healthy fats, it’s not very often I want to eat one without the other. egg So that’s how these beautiful pasture raised eggs ended up. Nestled all cozy and snug inside a creamy avocado half. But my favorite part of this breakfast surprisingly didn’t involve the avocado or the egg.  It was the parsnip, pea, and pancetta hash that made its way onto the same plate.  I’ve made it about 4 times since.  It’s my new favorite way to cook parsnips, which if you’ve never tried, are a winter must.  They look like carrots, only lighter in color, and they cook similarly.  Together with the pancetta and sweet green peas they make the perfect accompaniment to eggs and avocados. peas Let’s face it, It’s hard to get out of bed in the winter.  This should make leaving your comforter a little bit easier. Comfort food worthy of a New Year’s resolution. avocado baked eggs-2


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