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avocado mayo

[This Avocado Oil Mayo is creamy and totally crave-worthy. Oh yeah, and IT’S HEALTHY.] 

I’m going to be really honest. From the age of 16 up until a few years ago, I was repulsed by mayonnaise. 

I thought mayo (and fat in general) was unhealthy and would make me fat. Now I know that’s not the truth! 

(The right kind of) fat is necessary for good health, it’s delicious, and it keeps us full and satisfied until our next meal. 

lemon feed sack_

Homemade mayonnaise is full of really good for you ingredients!

Classic mayo is made with just a few simple ingredients. All that you need to make that creamy goodness is: 

  • Some oil 
  • Egg 
  • Some acid (usually lemon juice or vinegar) 
  • Maybe a little salt, mustard, herbs, etc for flavor 

BUT HERE’S THE THING. Most jarred mayo is full of stuff I don’t really want to put in my body. 

I’m talking about lots of preservatives, unpronounceable additions, and things that seem completely unnecessary in mayo, like sugar!


avocado oil pour_

Let’s talk about the oil 

The other reason I’m not a fan of most jarred mayonnaise is because of the oil it’s made with. Most are made with cheap, industrial seed oil like soybean oil or canola oil. 

Those oils take a lot of processing to make, and when we eat them too often they can cause inflammation in our bodies. 

(Here’s a video of canola oil being made. You can see just how much processing it takes, including processing it with chemical solvents! Skip to around 1 minute 30 seconds into the video to see the processing)  

Luckily, you can make super healthy mayonnaise at home with just a few ingredients and about 1 minute!

I’m a big fan of avocado oil, which is why I chose to use it for this mayo. It has a nice neutral flavor, a fairly high smoke point (making it good for cooking with), and has lots of health benefits

In the picture above I used La Tourangelle brand, but I also love Chosen Foods brand! (It comes in a spray too, which is awesome!) And I also have used Ottavio, which I buy at Costco. 

avocado mayo sandwich_

You can use only avocado oil to make the homemade mayo, OR you can do I like did and use half avocado oil and half LIGHT olive oil. 

If you don’t have avocado oil on hand, you can use all light olive oil. But you really need to look for LIGHT. Extra virgin olive oil is is just too full-flavored for this mayo recipe. 

How to make the avocado oil mayo 

This method is so easy you’ll be wondering why you haven’t been making homemade mayo all your life! 

Basically, you’re going to add one egg, your oil, a little bit of lemon juice or vinegar, and some salt to a container (I use the container that came with my immersion blender, but a wide-mouthed mason jar should work too.) 

Then, you simply insert your immersion blender and start blending! As the ingredients begin to emulsify, you can lift the blender up slowly until all the oil is incorporated. 

That’s it! 

Healthy, Paleo mayo that’s perfect for any of your favorite recipes, which may include: 


mayo hold_

A few notes: 

  • In my researching, I found a lot of people recommending using a room temperature egg to make homemade mayo. I’ve done that with success, but also have used an egg straight out of the fridge with no problem. 
  • Some people may be concerned with eating raw egg or raw egg yolk. Statistically speaking, only 1 in every 30,000 eggs is contaminated with salmonella. The infection is usually only present in conventional, mass-produced eggs since sick chickens lay infected eggs. So if you start with good quality eggs, I wouldn’t worry about it! (I don’t at least) 
  • An immersion blender works perfectly for this recipe, and it’s the only way I’ve tried. I do think you’re able to make the mayo with a food processor or standard blender, but I’ve never tried it so I can’t say so for sure!
  • Since I’ve posted this recipe, a few high-quality jarred mayos have hit the market. I love Primal Kitchens Avocado Oil Mayo (the Chipotle Lime flavor is amazing!) but they are a little pricey. So I still make the homemade version 9 times out of 10. 
  • Look out for jarred mayos that claim to be made with olive oil. A lot of times these will be made with a little olive oil and a lot of another oil, like canola oil or soybean oil. Just check your labels!

avocado mayo 3_

Healthy mayonnaise?

You better get on this ASAP! 

Recipe adapted from The Kitchn

mayo 2


42 responses to “Avocado Oil Mayonnaise [How-To Video]”

  1. i made it and it’s delicious!!! Great recipe!!! Thank you for posting. how long can we keep it in fridge for?

  2. There’s something I don’t understand, I thought it had avocado in it, but the only avocado is the oil as far as I can see. If I replace the Avocado oil with olive oil i’ll have plain normal homemade mayo…
    Do you think it’ll be possible to add like half an avocado? Thanks a lot

    • It doesn’t actually contain avocado, just avocado oil. I’ve never tried adding avocado to mine, but I think it’s worth a shot! Maybe add a bit more lemon juice since it will be thicker. Let me know how it turns out if you try it!

  3. This is amazing! I just made it! I did have to add an extra egg since it wouldn’t emulsify. No biggie, though. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Tried this out and whatever I ended up making wasn’t any kind of mayo. Mine turned out yellow with the consistency of a thick fruit juice. Any idea where I went wrong here? Followed the recipe perfectly-should I add another egg like MrsAmyLW? Why would mine turn out such a different color?

    • Oh, no! And you used the avocado oil? Sounds like it either didn’t get whipped up enough with the immersion blender, or it got over whipped- it shouldn’t need an additional egg though. Mine was definitely very creamy. Sorry to hear that!

  5. Thanks for this recipe. I really like that this recipe uses the whole egg. Mine turned out great! I used 1/3 cup coconut oil and 2/3rds avocado oil. Was far more delicious than store bought and so glad that it’s good for you. I have a weakness for mayo. I forgot to bring the egg to room temp and I don’t have an immersion blender so used a regular one and added the oil in a slow stream. Turned out very creamy. Used some of it and some kefir to make a tasty ranch dressing with herbs from the garden. Will do the same for a blue cheese dressing. Without the garlic powder (which I loved) would be great for a waldorf salad as well.

    Thanks again! 🙂

  6. This is a wonderful recipe. Especially since it didn’t end in a completely messy and wasteful disaster like every other homemade mayonnaise recipe I’ve tried to follow. And believe me, I have tried several in the past, only for all of them to either taste awful or not properly emulsify. This is, from now on, my go-to mayonnaise recipe I will forever treasure! Thank you!

  7. […] Pinterest (slash Buzzfeed) declared avocado oil the new EVOO. Why? Aside from the fact that this oil is astonishingly delicious, it’s rich in omega-9 fats, lutein (great for eye health), antioxidants, and is also said to help lower cholestrol. Be warned though: it’s as expensive as it is healthy, scrumptious and addictive. Try this homemade avocado oil mayo. […]

  8. FYI, “comprised” is not a synonym for “composed.” To say “x is comprised of Y” is incorrect. From Grammarist: “Comprise means to consist of or to be composed of. Compose means to make up the constituent parts of. Parts compose the whole, and the whole comprises the parts.”

  9. How much does this recipe make (about a cup?) and could you use only avocado oil instead of half avocado oil and half light olive oil?

  10. Hi Allyson: LOVE the idea. I too hate the bad oils in the mayo you can buy. But paleo brand is very $. Can’t wait to try this. But I don’t own an immersion blender and want to buy one but see there are lots out there. Can you suggest the speed that’s needed for this recipe specifically. Or some aspects of one that will allow for successful outcome to this recipe? Thanks alot!

  11. It definitely didn’t work out in my Ninja blender… It’s just all watery juice… Good flavor but definitely not creamy. I’m going to leave it in the fridge overnight and see if that helps.

  12. I’m ready to try homemade Mayo. I have a serious thing for mayonnaise from childhood love of open faced mayonnaise on soft white bread sandwiches. My question is will grape seed oil work? I like avocado oil but got a giant bottle of grape seed oil to try. I sure would like to find a good use for some of it!

    • Hi Cody, the grape seed oil will work in the mayonnaise. However, the reason I avoid most store-bought mayos is because of the vegetable oils that are used. Grapeseed oil is high in Omega 6 fatty acids. Even though we do need some Omega 6, having too much of them in the diet (and not enough Omega 3s) can actually promote inflammation in the body. Here is an article in case you’re interested in reading more about that: https://wellnessmama.com/14433/omega-6-vs-omega-3/

  13. I made this recipe exactly as you instructed. The consistency was perfect, tastes great and was so easy to make. I’m surprised it is a keeper!

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