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My Go-To Bone Broth Soup [Parsnip and Yellow Squash]

My Go-To Bone Broth Soup | Reclaiming Yesterday

[My Go-To Bone Broth Soup is creamy and ridiculously easy to make. I love to have it on hand for quick breakfasts and lunches to get in extra veggies and all the health benefits of bone broth!]

When my health was really bad a few years ago I did a therapeutic diet that centered around bone broth. I ate soup made with bone broth for every meal for a month, and then at least once a day for about 6 months. 

Even after all that soup, I STILL LOVE BONE BROTH.  Continue reading

Saying Bye to My Lil Kitchen on Robin Hood Drive

Oh, hai! That’s me πŸ‘† in really unflattering lighting πŸ’πŸ»

But it’s the last picture of me I’ll ever have in my tiny lil kitchen. (It’s also the first picture, I’m pretty sure. Did I mention the bad lighting?) 

I wanted a pic to commemorate the kitchen in the first house K and I lived in together in the states. 

BECAUSE WE MOVED!  Continue reading

Paleo Homemade Chocolate (Refined Sugar Free)

Paleo Homemade Chocolate | Reclaiming Yesterday

What kind of blogger posts a homemade chocolate recipe the week AFTER Valentine’s day? 


I posted a tutorial for making this paleo homemade chocolate on my Instagram Stories the week before Valentine’s. But a lot of people were very curious so I decided to photo document the process and turn it into a full blog post! 

And besides, chocolate is loved by most people all year round, right? 

RHETORICAL QUESTION. It obviously is πŸ˜‹ Continue reading