Saying Bye to My Lil Kitchen on Robin Hood Drive

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Oh, hai! That’s me ðŸ‘† in really unflattering lighting ðŸ’ðŸ»

But it’s the last picture of me I’ll ever have in my tiny lil kitchen. (It’s also the first picture, I’m pretty sure. Did I mention the bad lighting?) 

I wanted a pic to commemorate the kitchen in the first house K and I lived in together in the states. 


I know, I’m pretty excited.

We lived in our house for a little over 5 years, and while we had some great memories there, I’m in a much better place now with my health and ready to start a new chapter of life. 

I’m anticipating lots of new adventures, so I thought I’d document the lil kitchen that got me through a lot these past 5 years.  

Counter space? What’s that? 

People have done much more in much less space than me, I’m very sure. 

BUT, I am kind of proud to have cranked out so many meals in such a petite lil kitchen! I also really loved being in my kitchen.

I thought it was cute and it really was enough to create the food I needed to heal my body (and provide some mental therapy in the form of chopping, stirring, smelling, etc.) 

And that tile backsplash that I installed one weekend when K was out of town! It sounds silly but seeing that every day reminded me that anything can be done if you put your mind to it! ðŸ˜‰ 

Leaning Into It 

That picture’s not crooked. The kitchen was a little though. 

I will say that the picture makes it look way worse, but there was definitely a dip in the center and it wasn’t my favorite. 

But you just gotta embrace the quirkiness of every spot you call home, ‘cuz none of them are going to be 100% perfect. 

If you have a small space, you can make it work! You don’t have to have an HGTV kitchen to get in there and make some really good food. 

Bye lil kitchen on Robin Hood Drive. 

You were mine and I was yours for 5 years.

I hope the people who live here after us will get as much use and enjoyment out of this kitchen as we did. 

The New Space! 

First of all, let me tell you the thing I may be most excited about in here. Look to the bottom left corner of the picture above. 

Do you see it?

It’s a DISHWASHER. It’s real and it’s mine and I can’t wait to make dishes dirty and then send them through a machine that washes them. 

Like, what?! Do you know how many dishes I can make dirty in one day? A really outstanding amount, actually. 

This is big news. 

Hello, natural light. You look beautiful â¤

That window over the sink is something I’m super into. (Did I mention the bad lighting in my previous kitchen?)

So there is so much potential in this kitchen, but right off the bat I’m like “check out that counter space, I die.” 

I’ve only cooked in it for two days and I’m already in love. 

But some upgrades are definitely needed (I’m talking about you, mammoth 1980’s stove). I’ve got my heart set on a gas range, and I’m researching some brands because that’s an important decision.

I feel like it’s the heart of the kitchen and I wanna get it right, ya know?

I’m as happy as a clam in my new space!

Which, isn’t that an odd expression? A clam is probably one of the most emotionless creatures I can imagine. 

I’m as happy as my cat with a couple of stolen hair ties.😻👈That’s maybe more accurate. 

If you made it this far through my kitchen adventure post, I love you. I’m grateful for you, and I’m grateful for my new space to do what I love to do. 

Here’s to new kitchen adventures and lots and lots of dirty dishes! ðŸ˜Š


11 responses to “Saying Bye to My Lil Kitchen on Robin Hood Drive”

  1. Wow…awesome, love your shared tour, and know the new space will a great new chapter, and give you many new artistic liberties with food! Love your blog?

  2. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing all the good cooking that will happen in your new kitchen!! Love your recipes and healthy advice!! You look very happy in your new kitchen

  3. Love this story & so reminds me of my first kitchen in NYC — everything was in miniature & felt like I was in a child’s play kitchen! Now u have cabinets, counter space & a kitchen window. Life is good & can’t wait to see what goodies roll out of this kitchen 💕

    • Yes! I would have things spread out allll over the place while cooking in the old kitchen haha! So excited about all the counter space! 🙂

  4. Oh Allyson, I am so happy for you!!!! I mean, take a look at all that storage too. Cabinets galore! Bravo on the dishwasher, natural light and counter space. Y’all did good. Can’t wait to see what you do to it. Have fun picking out that new oven/stove.

  5. Wow. I know little kitchens work, but wow. My daughter has you beat – when she lived in London, she could sit on her bed and heat up water on the very little stove. No counter space. Now she lives in NYC and still no counter space. But that new kitchen of yours looks spectacular! Congrats!

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