My Go-To Bone Broth Soup [Parsnip and Yellow Squash]

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My Go-To Bone Broth Soup | Reclaiming Yesterday

[My Go-To Bone Broth Soup is creamy and ridiculously easy to make. I love to have it on hand for quick breakfasts and lunches to get in extra veggies and all the health benefits of bone broth!]

When my health was really bad a few years ago I did a therapeutic diet that centered around bone broth. I ate soup made with bone broth for every meal for a month, and then at least once a day for about 6 months. 

Even after all that soup, I STILL LOVE BONE BROTH. 

Bone broth has the ability to heal our bodies from the inside out – improving our gut health, the elasticity of our skin, and strengthening our hair and nails. (You can read how to make bone broth and more about its health benefits in this blog post.)

My Go-To Bone Broth Soup | Reclaiming Yesterday

Soup? For Breakfast? ðŸ¤”

My favorite time to eat this creamy bone broth soup? For breakfast.

Listen before you judge. 

What we need for breakfast is vitamins and carbs from veggies, some protein, and some healthy fat. What we don’t need is lots of sugar! 

If you’re trying to transition to less sweet, more veggie-filled breakfasts, this soup is your secret weapon. 

My Go-To Bone Broth Soup | Reclaiming Yesterday

It’s warm, creamy, and the yellow squash and parsnip make it mild and a little sweet. 

And it’s such a wholesome way to start out your day! It keeps you full and won’t give you that mid-morning blood sugar crash that lots of “standard” breakfast foods can. 

My Go-To Bone Broth Soup | Reclaiming Yesterday

A non-recipe recipe 

I’ll be honest, I never measure when I make this soup. I just chop and throw things into a pot. Boil, blend, and call it a day. 

BUT I always get questions about my creamy “breakfast soups” when I post them to Instagram, so I thought I’d do a post already. ðŸ˜€

My Go-To Bone Broth Soup | Reclaiming Yesterday

This is easy. Here we go:

First: Chop veggies, throw them into a pot. 

Then: Cover veggies with bone broth (or store bought broth or stock if you don’t have homemade bone broth) 

My Go-To Bone Broth Soup | Reclaiming Yesterday


I keep the seasoning super simple with some Coconut Aminos and dried herbs (thyme and Herbs de Provence are my favorite here).

Then you just boil the soup until the parsnips are tender, about 10 minutes or so. 

My Go-To Bone Broth Soup | Reclaiming Yesterday


Once your veggies are cooked, you can let the soup cool for a bit and then add everything to a blender. Blend until ultra creamy. ðŸ˜

If you’d prefer to use an immersion blender, feel free. But using a high powered blender (I use a refurbished Blendtec) will give you that insanely creamy texture that really puts this soup over the top, in my opinion. ðŸ‘Œ

My Go-To Bone Broth Soup | Reclaiming Yesterday

Taking your soup to next-level yummy 

You can eat the soup just on it’s own—maybe with a drizzle of olive oil. It’s creamy and fab. 

But I like to top mine with some kind of protein: ground sausage, leftover chicken I crisp up in the cast iron, grass-fed ground beef, bacon — whatever you have on hand and love. 

I also like to wilt a little spinach and throw on some sliced radish for texture (and extra veggies.) 

Are you thinking, nah that looks too fancy for me…?

If you are, then stop.

It’s not fancy. It’s not hard. I promise. 

Here’s a bowl I warmed up and topped with sausage and wilted spinach (was out of radish) and took a pic with my iPhone at 7:15 in the morning before work (while in my jammies and slippers.) 

It took literally 6 minutes to make. 

My Go-To Bone Broth Soup | Reclaiming Yesterday

Make this soup on the weekend, and have ready-to reheat breakfasts and lunches throughout the week!

You’re going to join the Bone Broth Breakfast Soup Club very soon, I can feel it ðŸ˜‰ 


2 responses to “My Go-To Bone Broth Soup [Parsnip and Yellow Squash]”

  1. This is great – just wondering if you think this form of bone broth soup would be “too much” food during the 16 hour fasting window? I’m doing IF and new to bone broth soup. I’m loving its simplicity and I have only so far adventured as far as onions and some seasoning. I don’t want to blow it at the 15th hour. Thanks!

    • Hi Joe! I think this soup is a great way to break your fast, but I wouldn’t include it during your fasting window! Anything that affects your blood sugar at all should be avoided during fasting hours! I eat this soup a lot though when I’m not fasting but want to give my digestive system a little break. Also, if I do a fast and want to ease back into eating regularly, this is my go-to soup 🙂

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