Hidden Cauliflower Smoothie

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Hidden Cauliflower Smoothie | Reclaiming Yesterday

Would you call me crazy if I told you I put cauliflower in my smoothies? 

Even if you did call me crazy, I’d still do it because I’m o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with hidden cauliflower smoothies (and smoothie bowls!) ðŸ˜œ 

Hidden Cauliflower Smoothie | Reclaiming Yesterday

Even though cauliflower is an awesome cruciferous vegetable packed with vitamins and nutrients, it still has a really neutral taste. And it adds a thick, low-sugar/low-carb creaminess to anything when you blend it up!

For this sneaky little smoothie, I used frozen cauliflower rice. I love this stuff because it’s such a time saver when I’m actually making cauliflower rice, and I like it in smoothies as well because it gives my blender a head start to creamy town. ðŸ˜œ

Hidden Cauliflower Smoothie | Reclaiming Yesterday

What else goes into your cauliflower smoothie? 

Really you can use whatever smoothie ingredients you love and have on hand. But I’d recommend inching into the #caulismoothie trend by combining the cauliflower with frozen bananas. (If you want to go really low-sugar, you can replace the banana with zucchini, yellow squash, or other veggies!) 

That’s sort of your creamy base. Then, just add some additional fruit – I used mixed berries but the “tropical blend” is always a delicious option as well. ðŸŒ´ðŸŒž

Hidden Cauliflower Smoothie | Reclaiming Yesterday

Next, you’ll need some sort of liquid to whirl everything up into creamy, dreamy smoothie heaven. My favorite is unsweetened hemp milk but you could def use almond milk, coconut milk, or your favorite. 

And then come the add-ins. Nut butter (almond butter, peanut butter, etc.) adds extra creaminess, healthy fat, and protein, and maca powder comes through strong in the energy department. 

(Maca powder is a adaptogen that helps balance hormones, increase energy, and boost sex drive. I buy this one, and love to use it in my maca and almond butter energy bites!)

This is your smoothie, so add in whatever makes you happy! 

I also love to add collagen peptides for added protein and gut health benefits. 

Hidden Cauliflower Smoothie | Reclaiming Yesterday

Don’t forget to top your creamy hidden cauliflower smoothie with some beautiful edible decorations!

My recs: sliced kiwi, fresh blueberries, unsweetened coconut flakes, and bee pollen

Tell me, what’s more beautiful than a decked out smoothie that’s secretly filled with good-for you cauliflower??

Not much, if you ask me! 

Hidden Cauliflower Smoothie | Reclaiming Yesterday

*Note: I like to use frozen cauliflower rice for convenience, but you can of course use frozen or fresh cauliflower florets. Raw cauliflower can cause bloating for some people, so steam the cauliflower first if you’re one of those people! Frozen cauli is typically blanched and then frozen (meaning it’s cooked a little) and it gives me no problem! 

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