Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl with Kiwi and Hemp seeds

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mixed berry smoothie bowl

There’s something really lovable about a smoothie. Maybe it’s the rebellious inner child in all of us, getting the chance to play with food without any negative consequences (but delicious ones instead).

Just toss your breakfast into a blender and watch it whirl around. Swirling colors and textures that end up looking slightly different each time you have a go at it. 

Sort of fun, really, as long as a faulty blender doesn’t leave your kitchen looking like a Jackson Pollock original. 

(unapologetic member of Clumsy-Cooks Anonymous)

mixed berry smoothie bowl

I realize smoothies are popular for on the go meals, usually, but since I’m a proponent of sitting down to eat (not in the car), I usually consume my colorful blended creations out of a bowl. Feels more like a meal that way, and it allows for toppings galore. 

mixed berry smoothie bowl

This particular smoothie started with a base of light coconut milk, which I get in cans from Trader Joes since I don’t live near any coconut trees, and because they carry the only variety I have found without any other additives. Just coconut milk and water.

Which makes me wonder, if Trader Joes can do it with just those two things, why can’t everyone else? 

I’m a bit leery of the gums that are added to most cans of coconut milks, mainly because I am hyper-vigilant when it comes to ingredients, but also because I don’t see the need. 

mixed berry smoothie bowl

The coconut milk and fruit are most likely already included in your smoothie comfort zone. The zucchini– you may be slightly apprehensive about. 

Hear me out!

Smoothies can be super nourishing and health-giving, but they can also be beautifully disguised sugar bombs. The most famous smoothie shop where I live adds a few hefty scoops of sherbert ice cream to their oversized smoothies. 

No wonder they are popular. 

mixed berry smoothie bowl

I love sneaking a zucchini into our smoothie bowls because its mild taste goes completely undetected, and when pulverized, it adds to the creamy consistency that a smoothie should be all about. 

It also stops your blood sugar from blasting off, and then sputtering immediately to the ground like a rogue helium balloon. 

mixed berry smoothie bowl

So just trust me on the zucchini.

Once you’ve got it all blended up and camouflaged, you top it off with whatever pretty fruit you have lounging around the kitchen, and not a single soul will be able to resist its smoothie allure. 

mixed berry smoothie bowl

I also am really fond of topping our smoothie bowls with a generous sprinkling of hemp seeds. 

These are actually hemp hearts, to get technical, since they have had their outer shells removed before they winded up in my grocery cart.

Hemp is amazing, and not just for braiding into beachy bracelets. 

mixed berry smoothie bowl

Hemp comes from the same family as marijuana, but their relationship is a bit like the pair of twins that look just alike, but have two entirely different temperaments.

Food products derived from the hemp plant do not contain the psychoactive component that is present in its looser, free-loving brother. 

mixed berry smoothie bowl

What they have instead, is high levels of Vitamins A,C, and E, omega fatty acids, and compounds shown to lower high blood pressure and prevent heart disease and cancer. 

They also rank as one of the plant kingdom’s best sources of easily digestible, high-quality protein. 

Sort of show-offy, those little tiny seeds.

mixed berry smoothie bowlThey are nutty and delicious, however, so their arrogance is easier to tolerate. 

I consider them to be the perfect finishing touch to these smoothie bowls, which are here just in time to soften the blow of 100 degree days. 

mixed berry smoothie bowl

 It’s freakin’ hot, and I want nothing more than a bowl full of this summer smoothie. 

mixed berry smoothie bowl





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