Creamy Berry and Chia Overnight Oats

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Creamy Berry and Chia Overnight Oats | Reclaiming Yesterday

If I don’t eat breakfast, my entire day is thrown off. Most mornings I eat a savory breakfast, but every now and then I want something a little bit sweet. 

And overnight oats are a perfect (and convenient) way to satisfy that craving–while still being really wholesome at the same time!

Did I mention they are EASY PEASY?  

Creamy Berry and Chia Overnight Oats | Reclaiming Yesterday

So as the name suggests, overnight oats magically turn into full-on delicousness overnight. In your refrigerator. With barely any effort on your part. 

HOW, you ask?

It feels like magic but it’s actually unbelievably easy. All you have to do is mix some uncooked oats with your preferred ingredients (including a milk of some sort). Pop them in the fridge, and voila! Your breakfast is ready for you in the morning.

NO cooking required – just creamy, dreamy goodness. 

Creamy Berry and Chia Overnight Oats | Reclaiming Yesterday

I really like to amp up the nutrition in my overnight oats by adding chia seeds. The chia seeds absorb the liquid and swell up into plump, pudding bubbles (is that a weird description?).

Maybe. But they seriously take these oats to the next level, so oh well.

Chia seeds not only add creaminess and a “pudding feel,” they’re also packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats. 

I’ve found that the addition of chia seeds helps these oats keep me full so much longer. But why stop at chia seeds, I say. 

I also stir in some full-fat Greek yogurt and hemp seeds – 2 ingredients that really help with satiety. (If you don’t do dairy, try replacing the Greek yogurt with some nut butter!)

Creamy Berry and Chia Overnight Oats | Reclaiming Yesterday

To flavor these chia overnight oats, I went with: vanilla, maple syrup, and mixed berries.

You can use fresh or frozen, but the frozen berries are my preference because when they thaw, they release a saucy berry situation which I’m very into.😍

Here’s what I like to do: mix the frozen berries into the oats at night, and then top them with a little more of those frozen berries that I let thaw out in the morning. Annnnnd I’ll pop on a few fresh blueberries if they’re in season and I have them on hand. 

Other things that I’m a fan of: topping with an extra dollop of Greek yogurt, some sliced almonds, and a final sprinkle of hemp seeds. 

I’m not high-maintenance or anything like that. ðŸ˜‹

Creamy Berry and Chia Overnight Oats | Reclaiming Yesterday

The good news about these berry and chia overnight oats is you can make them as involved or as straightforward as you like.

(I’m the kind of girl who can’t leave well enough alone. While K will just grab a spoon and a jar out of the fridge and get straight to it!)

Whatever the case, you’re eating something healthy and delicious in no time. And that is a beautiful thing â¤ï¸

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