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There’s nothing quite like a crisp, juicy apple. They are one of my favorite fall fruits.

Whether I’m dipping slices into chocolate tahini dip, turning cooked apples into parsnip apple puree, or adding fresh apple to avocado and apple and tuna salad — I just can’t get enough apples! 

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But one thing that does make me a little bit sad is throwing out the apple peels! I compost, but since the apple peels are such a rich source of nutrition, I hate to see them go to waste. 

Apple peels contain:

  • Most of the apple’s Vitamin E and K
  • Half of the apple’s vitamin C
  • All of the apple’s folate
  • Compounds like Quercetin (which has shown to improve lung function and fight off tissue damage in the brain) 

apple peel

So if your favorite cozy apple recipe calls for peeled apples, don’t feel guilty! Just save the peels and enjoy all of those health benefits from a warm cup of apple peel tea 🍎☕❤️

One tip: Use organic apples whenever you can to avoid exposure to pesticides! 

 Apple Peel Tea image featured on Real Simple Magazine’s Instagram account. Click here to see!




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  1. This is a superb blog. Infact I am having apples ryt now. So I thought to check the benefits of apple peels. In India it’s hard to get the organic apples or any fruit..

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