Avocado and Apple Tuna Salad

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I’ve had mixed feelings about this Fall. On the one hand, I’ve been LOVING the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve had. And on the other hand I can’t help but to think 80 degrees in November isn’t right. 

But this weekend I shoved all global warming worries aside, made this ridiculously simple and delish Avocado and Apple Tuna Salad, and headed for some hiking with one of my long-time besties, Bianca.

We set up our picnic station on a sunny spot and ate these cute little wraps in our tank tops. 

You’re weird, November. 


Speaking of weird, you may think adding apple to tuna salad sounds odd. (especially if you’re a tuna salad purist.) But it’s not!

It’s everything, actually. 

Lots of tuna salad is made with sweet relish, which is tasty, but comes with added sugar.

By adding the apples you get an extra crunch factor, plus a natural sweetness that really ties all the other flavors together. 


Creamy avocado replaces the mayo, and a fresh squeeze of lemon + parsley really makes the tuna salad pop (and the lemon helps keep the avocado and apple from browning). 

I rolled our tuna salad up in these gorgeous collard leaves. If you decide to go that route, simply cut off the stem where it meets the leaf. Then, run a small paring knife down the middle vein to make it thinner and easier to roll up. (I also like to run the leaves under hot water for a minute to make them more pliable.) 

Then just load, tuck, roll, and secure with a toothpick!

Or you can do just as I did, and YouTube “how to wrap souvlaki” and then follow that method on your tuna salad collard wrap. 😄


The tuna salad was the perfect fuel for our hike through the mountains. It was substantial enough to power us through the steep trails, but light enough to prevent the after-lunch nap cravings. 


There’s nothing like a walk through nature to reboot your sense of well-being, but I recently learned (from Jillian Teta) that it’s actually physically therapeutic. In Japan, they refer to it as Shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing” and there have been studies to show that a walk through the forest:

  • lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol
  • improves working memory and mood, and 
  • boosts immune function 


I always knew I felt especially full of life after a walk in the woods. Now I know there’s science to back it up. 

And I think the health benefits of Shinrin-yoku can only be improved on by the addition of this Avocado and Apple Tuna Salad. 

I’ll be the first to volunteer for those studies. 


Tasty and healthy Avocado and Apple Tuna Salad | Reclaiming Yesterday

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  1. Another winner, Allyson! I made this for lunch today and it was awesome! I was too lazy to drag out the food processor so I just chopped everything fine. Thank you!

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