Two Ingredient Dairy Free Ice-Cream

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Dairy Free Ice-Cream

Two-ingredient dairy free ice-cream. 

Have you guys tried this yet? 

Maybe you haven’t seen a version of this dairy free “ice-cream” made of frozen bananas? But if you haven’t, I’m not sure which part of the internet you call home.

Worry not, I’m here to show you my new favorite form of culinary magic!

Dairy Free Ice-Cream

I’d first like to applaud the clever human that discovered that frozen bananas could be transformed into creamy, dairy-free soft serve. And to disclose that that person was not me.

This healthy hack has gotten so much traction it’s even acquired a clever little name: “nice-cream.”

Nice Cream, y’all! 

It’s way too simple to even need a recipe, which is why I haven’t given specific measurements. I just feel like if you don’t have this in your life, you need to. And it’s my obligation to share it with you guys. 

The base and sole ingredient in nice-cream is…wait for it….BANANAS!

Frozen bananas specifically.

Let a bunch of banana slices freeze. Then let them whirl around in a food processor for a few minutes. Voila! They magically transform into a sweet, smooth swirl with an uncanny resemblance to soft-serve ice cream. 

Dairy Free Ice-Cream

So bananas are the main player in nice-cream. But from there you can add in any flavors that your hungry heart desires! I had some extra strawberries lying around, so that is what I went with here. But K’s favorite way to nice-cream is with the addition of cocao powder and organic peanut butter. ðŸ˜‹

Throw in whatever makes you happy. Go on and get wild, and let me know if you stumble across any genius flavor combinations! (I’m sure you will)

Dairy Free Ice-Cream

So you toss your frozen bananas and (in this case) frozen strawberries into a food processor and crank that bad boy. (Just remember that bananas are the base and provide that creamy texture you’re looking for, so go heavier on them)

After a few minutes your mix will look a bit crumbly, sort of like those dippin dots ice creams–remember those?!

Dairy Free Ice-Cream

Go a few food processor minutes past dippin dots texture, and you will wind up at this creamy, dreamy heaven. That’s where you want to be, mmm hmmm.  

Do as any warm-blooded human would do at this point and eat that nice-cream straight out of the machine.

Dairy Free Ice-Cream

Or, if you want to be sure you’re ready for survival in the event you become stranded on a tropical island, try your hand at cracking open a coconut! 

If you’re successful, you’ll not only be prepared for that deserted island scenario, you’ll also have cute little coconut bowls to serve your nice-cream in. 

But a word of caution: warm-blooded humans are not the only ones that you may have to fend off from your frozen treat. 

Dairy Free Ice-Cream


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