Taco Salad with Grass-Fed Beef

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taco salad grass-fed

[I made this tasty Taco Salad with Grass-Fed Beef for Earth Fare!]

If you made me choose my all-time favorite salad…

Why would you make me do that?? Ok but if you force me to pick a favorite, it would have to be taco salad with grass-fed beef!

It’s fun, and filling, and easy enough to throw together on a weeknight.  

Before I adopted the Just-Eat-Real-Food philosophy, I never ate red meat. I had a false belief that red meat was unhealthy, and I blame that misconception on the way red meat has been vilified by the mainstream media. For years we’ve been told to avoid and limit red meat. But new research is causing nutritional experts to backtrack and even reverse those recommendations. 

But what I learned and found fascinating is that with meat, source really matters–like a lot

Cows are designed to be grass-eating machines. And meat and dairy from cows that are allowed to do what nature built them to do are exponentially more healthy for us. And for the environment, too!

taco salad grass-fed

Grass-fed beef is more expensive than conventional, yes. But protein is something I prioritize for sure because it has the biggest impact in my eyes. I try to buy organic produce as often as is possible, but if I had to choose whether to put my money towards animal protein or produce, meat and dairy would win every time. 

That’s why I’m sort of obsessed with grass-fed ground beef (don’t judge me for my unique obsessions 😆). It is sooo versatile and you can turn it into dinner without a lot of thought or planning.  Plus, compared to other cuts of beef it’s super budget friendly. 

And the flavor is incredible. Especially when you let it brown up with warming, taco-inspired spices and piled over an overflowing plate of fresh veggies.

This taco salad is EVERYTHING and checks all the dinnertime boxes: 

☑Comfort food that is insanely delicious
☑Simple to throw together
☑Great for your body
☑Loved by picky eaters young and old

So get after it! This taco salad makes our dinner rotation A LOT. I hope it winds up in yours as well 🙂 


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  1. I,too am obsessed with grass-fed ground beef.The problem where I live is that Earth Fare only sells their grass-fed from Australia.I want my beef from the U.S.A…….frustrating.

    • Hi Judith! I also like to buy domestic when possible, but pasture raised livestock requires so much land, and Australia has that as a resource. I think the global food trade can allow people access to healthy foods the otherwise wouldn’t be able to have. What are your thoughts?

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