Simple Olive Oil and Thyme Roasted Carrots

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DSC_0033I’m still over here roasting away. 

It’s amazing how our bodies really crave what is available to us in the season.  In the summer, I can’t get enough salads, raw veggies, and fish.  But around this time of year, when leaving the house requires multiple layers and bundling, all I want to eat is cozy, roasted starches and maybe a hot bowl of soup.


Carrots are one of the most prevalent veggies in my diet, both in the summer- when I only want to crunch them raw- and in the winter, to be thrown into soups and roasted to sweet perfection.  They’re one of Nature’s most humble creations, I think.  They’re ridiculously inexpensive, cleverly portable, and extremely versatile.  I don’t usually bother peeling mine.  Just give them a quick rinse and that’s it. 

As a side anecdote, I remember watching bugs bunny as a younger self and craving the crunch of a carrot that he seemed so satisfied by.  Power of cartoon persuasion. 


Thyme and carrots were meant to be together.  They both have an earthy quality that compliment one another so well, especially under the high heat of roasting.  It’s also nice to keep things simple, since life is usually anything but. 

You really can’t go wrong with the classic flavors of carrots, thyme, and olive oil.


So on busy nights when your brain feels fried, throwing this side together takes minimal attention.  Cut carrots. Sprinkle thyme. Drizzle olive oil, generously.


A little bit of good salt and pepper, and you’re done.


Simple as that.



Wouldn’t it be nice if all things in life could be so easy to get right.


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