Cauliflower Crust Hawaiian Pizza with Crispy Prosciutto, Kale, and Roasted Red Pepper

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cauliflower pizza

[This Cauliflower Crust Hawaiian Pizza is my favorite new way to pizza party! ðŸ•]

One of my favorite dinners as a little person was English muffin pizzas.  I loved them so much because:

1. It was pizza.

2. We could all pick our own toppings (my favorite was black olives).

3. It was pizza, but on an English muffin!  How wacky and exciting!

This was my thought process as a 7 year old, but I still have similar feelings.  I still get to pick all the toppings myself (because I’m the cook, and that’s part of the deal), but I’ve now graduated from English muffin base to cauliflower crust. 

Maybe just as wacky, and definitely still exciting.


When I first had the idea for this pizza, I knew that I wanted it to include pineapple… partly for the excuse to buy one and have it sit in my kitchen for a day or two. 

I mean, look at that thing.  I feel like pineapples just gives off happy, tropical vibes. 



And when it sits in your kitchen for a few days, it’s like a pineapple air freshener. 

The best! 

cauli pizza 2

This particular pineapple served double duty as kitchen air freshener, and then (more importantly) cauliflower crust pizza topping. 


It had a seat right next to one of it’s favorite food friends, the ham.

Prosciutto, to be specific.  In my opinion, Prosciutto was made to be eaten with fruit, and pineapple is no exception. I love prosciutto uncooked, but when you add it to a hot oven and let it hang out for a few minutes it gets salty and crunchy… like fancy bacon. 

The heat totally transforms it, and adds that crunchy texture that is so good.


I grabbed some roasted red peppers from the olive bar at the grocery store, and my husband was super proud to see that they came from Greece.  He circled the bar of olives and antipasto items with a huge grin on his face.  “These are all from Greece!”

If it’s Greek, it’s good.  So naturally he approved of this topping as well.


And the cauliflower crust.  Don’t for a second doubt the versatility of the cauliflower.  It gets pulverized, then hits a hot pan with a little garlic and few other pizza familiars.  It’s seriously amazing.


And because it’s never a bad idea to squeeze in another veggie, I sauteed up a bit of kale and added that as well. 


Picking the toppings is the best part of pizza night, after all.

pizza hold

No need to give up pizza in January!


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