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Whole30 Butter Chicken

Whole30 Butter Chicken | Reclaiming Yesterday

[This Whole30 butter chicken is perfectly spiced and full of nourishing fats to help balance hormones and keep you satisfied!]

Back in March I did my second round of Whole30. To be honest, eating Whole30 isn’t too far off from how I eat most of the year (because I’ve found it makes me feel good) but I do like how the program forces me to get creative with ingredients. 

Traditional butter chicken (an Indian dish) uses cream and yogurt in the sauce. Since dairy is out on Whole30, I used ghee (for that extra buttery flavor) and coconut milk. 

I love the way this butter chicken turned out and I’ve made it 5 times since developing the recipe!  Continue reading

Simple Basil Vinaigrette

[I made this simple basil vinaigrette for my friends at Earth Fare!

Have you ever smelled fresh basil? 

Surely, you have. But in case you need a reminder, it smells AMAZING. It perfumes your whole kitchen with the scent of warm weather and that alone is something to celebrate.  Continue reading

Chocolate Mint Fudge CBD Oil Bites (Paleo)

Chocolate Mint Fudge CBD Oil Bites (Paleo) } Reclaiming Yesterday

I’ve recently been experimenting with CBD oil to help relieve my anxiety and insomnia. The oil is easy enough to take on its own, but I was forgetting to take it….so I made these fudge bites to help me remember ðŸ˜‰

The chocolate mint fudge bites can definitely be made without CBD oil too and they’ll be just as yummy – just without the benefits of CBD.  Continue reading