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Is Sugar a Drug?

Is Sugar a Drug?

Although there are varying degrees to what one might describe a “healthy” lifestyle as being, I’d say most everyone can agree that drug use does not fall into this category.  Drugs, and the addictions that often accompany them, can blow in like an unexpected storm, wreaking havoc on the bodies of those who abuse them and the lives of anyone in the destruction’s path.  While the initial participation in these substances is often a choice, we’ve come to understand that the mechanism keeping a user coming back for more is based on simple biology. Continue reading

What’s Missing From the American Diet?

what's missing from the american diet?

Junk is cheaper than healthier food, but only if you pay someone else to make it for you.  Over the last century Americans have spent more and more on food that they didn’t prepare themselves.  I think this is in part because we tend to equate eating out as a form of entertainment, so we don’t necessarily factor it into our eating expenses.  While most Americans have no problem spending 30+ dollars on a single meal for two at a restaurant, we somehow can’t justify spending 100 dollars at the supermarket for a week’s worth of food.  Continue reading

The benefits of Bone Broth

Good food takes time. If you’re new to cooking, it can also seem like a lot of work. To prepare a meal today, we have to drive to the grocery store and purchase the ingredients; the vegetables that have been trucked in from across the country, the spices that have been dried and packaged for us, and the meat that has been pre-portioned by the butcher. But if this seems like a lot of work, what did people do before supermarkets existed?

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