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How to Turn 1 Organic Chicken Into 5 Meals

How to Turn 1 Organic Chicken Into 5 Meals | Reclaiming Yesterday

[I made this roasted organic chicken and turned it into 5 meals for Earth Fare!] 

To me, the work week can kind of feel like you’re being sucked into a tornado. 

A whirlwind of alarm clocks, papers and miscellaneous items flying everywhere, and general mayhem. Until you land on Saturday morning and don’t know exactly what happened. 


I work full time at a non-food related office job, and I know it can be challenging to get something healthy on the table on those crazy week nights. Continue reading

Collard Greens with Cumin and Apricots

Collard Greens with Cumin and Apricots | Reclaiming Yesterday

Q: What’s the one thing, ANYONE can do, to help move them towards ANY of the health goals they might have?

A: Eat. More. Vegetables.

Seriously though guys. Trying to lose weight? Maintain weight? Trying to heal your body of an illness? Trying to have more energy and vibrancy? Trying to save the planet? 

Eat more vegetables. 

If you feel disappointed in that answer, I’m actually excited for you. Because if you feel disappointed, it’s probably because you’re not yet aware of how exciting and delicious vegetables can be!!  Continue reading

Sleepy Time Spiced Apple Cider

Sleepy Time Spiced Apple Cider | Reclaiming Yesterday

[I made this Sleepy Time Spiced Apple Cider for Earth Fare!]

Sometimes you have to have something taken away from you in order to really appreciate it.

I never knew how true that really was until I started dealing with insomnia a few years ago. Lots of people deal with insomnia, for a lot of different reasons: stress, drinking too much caffeine or alcohol, side effects from medications… 

For me, my insomnia began when we moved back to the states from Greece—when my health took a mysterious nosedive.  Continue reading

Sweet Potato Fries with Tamari Cashew Dip

Sweet Potato Fries with Tamari Cashew Dip | Reclaiming Yesterday

[I made these crave-worthy Sweet Potato Fries with Tamari Cashew Dip for Earth Fare!]

I’m not sure that I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t have positive feelings towards sweet potatoes. 

I mean what’s not to love, really? 

But sometimes I do get a little carried away with them. I just can’t help it—they’re so healthy (full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals) plus they’re so versatile (I’ve yet to find something sweet potato doesn’t pair well with). 

When K says, “Oh, are we having sweet potatoes again?” I can tell I’ve had them on repeat a little too often. 

But even K, who is not a 100% die hard sweet potato fanatic, CANNOT physically walk by a tray of just-roasted sweet potato fries without clearing them out. 

Sweet potato fries are just too good for anyone to resist.  Continue reading