Last Year’s Trip to Greece: Part 2


Last year K and I returned to Greece for the first time since moving to America in 2012. I shared part of that trip to Greece with you guys with the promise that I’d follow-up that post with another. That was about 11 months ago, so I’ll admit I’m a little late. 

But we’re getting ready to head off to Greece again soon, and that quickly approaching departure date has: 

  1. Reminded me that I still haven’t finished sharing last year’s adventure. 
  2. Brought up a whole heap of emotions for me. 

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Grilled Turmeric Cauliflower

Grilled Turmeric Cauliflower

I think it’s okay to eat the same general rotation of foods–we all have a few go-to dishes that we really love and get good at making without a lot of extra thinking involved. 

But I also think that it’s a good thing to branch out every once and a while and explore new things, or even the same things in different ways. 

Enter this grilled turmeric cauliflower.  Continue reading

Allergy-Friendly Bento Boxes

Kids Bento Boxes Instagram-2

It’s amazing how much someone’s experience with food as a young person will shape the way they prepare, eat, and think about food for the rest of their lives. 

That’s why we really have to show kids the importance of healthy food at a very young age. 

I don’t have kids of my own, but I have gotten close to a lot of little people through years of babysitting, working summer camps, and nannying abroad. And while some kids just seem to have extra picky palettes, I’ve found that the more a child is exposed to healthy foods, the more likely they are to eat them (and love them!) Continue reading

Falafel Bowls with Roasted Red Pepper Tahini Sauce

falafel bowls roasted red pepper

It’s been sweltering around here lately, and the last thing I’ve wanted to do is crank up the oven.

But I ate a falafel from the hot bar at Earth Fare not too long ago, and since then I can’t get the idea of recreating those flavors out of my mind. The craving got the best of me in the end, and I turned on the oven in my already oven-like tiny kitchen.

It was like oven inception….but totally worth it.  Continue reading