Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon

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Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon | Reclaiming Yesterday

[I made this tasty Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon for Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs!]

I used to think that all eggs were pretty much equal. I mean, some might be brown, some might be white, but eggs were eggs to me. 

Now I know the way a chicken is raised makes a HUGE difference in the quality of eggs she lays. Healthy, happy chickens lay eggs that are not only tastier, but also more packed with the nutrients that our bodies need. 

Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon | Reclaiming Yesterday

That’s why I was so excited to partner up with Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs — and create this easy and delicious Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon! P&G organic eggs come from small family farms that give their hens the lives they deserve. Pete and Gerry’s is Certified Humane, so the hens are fed organic feed and given the space to roam around indoors and outdoors.

And the eggs they lay are definitely proof that those hens are in good hands. 

Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon | Reclaiming Yesterday

You can tell a good quality egg by the yolk. They are bright yellow-orange and hold their shape, and the taste and texture is deliciously rich. 

Also, the whites will really have some body to them and hold up while you cook them. 

Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon | Reclaiming Yesterday

So I thought I’d give that healthy, hearty organic egg a home all nestled up inside a quick hash made with sweet potatoes, bacon, and kale. 

A simple combo that never gets old!

Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon | Reclaiming Yesterday

This hash comes together quickly, which is why it’s on my regular breakfast rotation. The recipe makes one serving that you can have right out of a mini pan like I did. OR you can easily use a larger pan and double, triple, or even quadruple the measurements to serve a few more people. 

It’s graduation season, and a lot of friends I know are expecting company. This is my go-to recipe for when you have family or friends staying over because it’s impossible to mess up. AND it’s a crowd-pleaser.

The key is to cook the egg just enough to set the whites, and keep that nice runny yolk. You can scoop all of that goodness up with a forkful of sweet potato hash and it’s pretty much breakfast food heaven. 

Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon | Reclaiming Yesterday

And don’t forget the avocado! That creamy bite adds the final touch to make this the ultimate breakfast to fuel you through a busy day. 

Tips for creating the perfect sweet potato hash: 

  • Cut the sweet potatoes into very small cubes that are all about the same size. They’ll cook up faster and have more crispy edges. 
  • Use good bacon! I think it’s especially important to source quality protein (like bacon and organic eggs). So look for bacon that is antibiotic-free and from a trusted source. 
  • Once you crack the egg into the center of the hash, cover it with a lid. The lid will keep the steam inside, and help cook the top of the egg while the yolk stays soft. 


6 responses to “Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon”

  1. Looks so delicious, Allyson! We love hash for breakfast…it’s easy, yet hearty and keeps us nice and full for a while. 🙂

  2. Allyson the recipe looks great I will have to try it. Only I will blanch, or soak the sweet potatoes first to reduce the cancer causing affects of frying starchy vegetables to reduce the acrylamide- cancer causing chemical they produce when fired. Suggest you add blanching or water soaking to your starchy vegetables before frying dry first then fry, it is old school trick. My grandmother use to blanch all kinds of vegetables who knew. I also will stay away from low heat oils to reap the health benefits of high heat oils such as coconut oil, bacon fat, grass fed cow’s butter, duck fat, lard, and tallow are in the high heat oil groups good for you. Back to nature the way we are supposed to eat not the commercial fast processing of food we have been led to.
    Happy eating

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