Sweet Potato Hash with Chorizo and Goats Cheese

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sweet potato hash

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t love brunch.  There are no rules, no correct order of things, no schedules to keep to.  Lazy mornings blend into hazy afternoons, maybe even a Sunday siesta.  It can last for hours, and is best served unorganized- structure has its place in the world, but not during brunch.

The best flavors from breakfast and lunch collide and make their way onto the table at one time.  My favorite brunch dishes are a little sweet, a little savory, and always comforting.


Sweet potatoes are almost as flexible as brunch.  A lucky vegetable, loved by all and appropriate at anytime of day.  Its sweetness pairs perfectly with spicy chorizo and creamy goats cheese.  Add a pop of freshness from the green onions and cherry tomatoes and you’ve hit nearly every taste bud you own.

sweet potato hash 3

And because no meal of mine is complete without a slice of avocado, I added that as well.  You might feel like going crazy and topping it with a fried egg, or two. This hash makes me feel so cozy, whether its 90 degrees or snowing.


Sweet Potato Hash with Chorizo and Goats Cheese
Serves 2
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  1. 1 large sweet potato, or 2 small
  2. 1 link chorizo
  3. 2 tbs coconut oil
  4. 1/8 tsp ground cloves
  5. 1/4 tsp each dried thyme, paprika, chili powder, sea salt
  6. pat of butter
For serving
  1. cherry tomatoes, green onions, goats cheese, avocado
  1. Peel and grate sweet potato.  You should have roughly 3 cups.
  2. Heat 1/2 tbs coconut oil in pan.  Slice chorizo to remove casing and crumble into pan, sautéing until cooked (3-4 minutes).  Remove and reserve.
  3. Add remaining oil to pan and add sweet potatoes, salt, cloves, thyme, paprika, and freshly ground black pepper.  Cook until potatoes have softened, about 5 minutes.  Before removing from pan stir in pat of butter and cooked chorizo.
  4. Transfer mixture to a serving dish and garnish with tomatoes, goats cheese, and green onion.  If you are addicted to avocado (don't worry, no judgment here) throw some of that on as well.
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sweet potato hash 4

Be sure to enjoy while completely relaxed and with no pending commitments, preferably with you’re favorite person (or people).  This is the single rule to a great brunch.

sweet potato hash 2





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