Simple Kombucha Sangria

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Simple Kombucha Sangria | Reclaiming Yesterday

[I made this simple and healthy kombucha sangria for Earth Fare!]

In college I loved mixing red wine with Sprite for a very UN-sophisticated cocktail of sorts. This Kombucha sangria is a huge step up from that, but it’s still super simple to put together. 😉 

Simple Kombucha Sangria | Reclaiming Yesterday

Simple Kombucha Sangria | Reclaiming Yesterday

First things first, what’s kombucha? 

Kombucha is a fermented tea, typically made from black tea or green tea and sweetened with sugar.

During the fermentation process, this interesting little thing called a kombucha scoby (symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria) consumes the sugar and increases the amount of friendly, gut-healthy bacteria. AKA probiotics! 

Kombucha is a non-alcoholic drink (with only trace amounts of alcohol) that is sparkly, refreshing, and so good for our gut health!

It’s often fermented a second time with added fruit juice, ginger, or herbs.

Kombucha has a unique taste (that I love!) and while you can easily find it at the grocery store, you can also make kombucha at home. (I might share that process in a future post.) 

Simple Kombucha Sangria | Reclaiming Yesterday

How to make Kombucha Sangria

In my opinion, adding kombucha to your favorite cocktail is a no-brainer. I’ve done it before with: 

This past summer my friend Jessica mentioned kombucha sangria and I immediately knew I had to make it for the holiday season! 

This healthy cocktail is a great option to have on hand when you’re entertaining because your guests can self serve, and it’s pretty to look at. 😍

All you have to do is add some fruit (I used chopped apple, sliced orange, cranberries, and pomegranate) to a medium or large pitcher along with some fresh squeezed orange juice and a bottle and a half of red wine.

The wine and fruit need some time to “marinate” in the fridge – at least 2 hours and up to 24. This helps the flavors develop. 

Simple Kombucha Sangria | Reclaiming Yesterday

(note – don’t spend a fortune on the wine for this sangria. An affordable merlot or malbec work great 👍)

When you’re ready to serve your kombucha sangria, you just need to stir in your favorite bottled (or homemade) kombucha. (Health-Ade kombucha in Pink Lady flavor or GT Kombucha in Trilogy flavor work well here.) 

Simple Kombucha Sangria | Reclaiming Yesterday

Kombucha Sangria Variations 

  • If you prefer, you can swap the red wine for white wine or even rosé, which will give you a sweeter, lighter tasting sangria. 
  • If you prefer a lighter sangria, add more kombucha to the pitcher or top individual glasses off with extra kombucha and/or sparkling water. 
  • I added cranberries to make this sangria gorgeously festive. They really don’t add any flavor, so if you prefer, leave them out! 

So what do you think? A festive cocktail with added health benefits?

Yes please! 

Simple Kombucha Sangria | Reclaiming Yesterday

Simple Kombucha Sangria | Reclaiming Yesterday

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  1. I gotta admit I love a wine topped with lemonade, and I always whisper it to the waiter because it is so embarrassing! I like the twist with Kombucha.

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