Chilled Cucumber Avocado Soup with Grilled Corn

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chilled cucumber avocado soupIf I were to bottle summer into a perfume, basil would be a key note to that fragrance. 

It would be intermingled with fresh cut grass and honeysuckle most likely, but it would definitely be in there. Also, no one would purchase that summer-inspired perfume of mine with a scent profile like that. I know my strengths, and they don’t include fragrance development. 

But in all seriousness, if you start getting cranky about the sweltering, mosquito filled days that summer drops off every year as baggage, just stick your face in a pot full of basil and breathe it in. It’s a good reminder of why summer is the best. chilled cucumber avocado soup

That’s why I was so excited this year to grow my own basil, mere footsteps from my own little kitchen. I grew some last year with moderate success, but this year I had anticipated greatness, on account of all the compost I’d accumulated. 

chilled cucumber avocado soup

You see, if my parents had presented me with an at-home composter as a Christmas gift 3 years ago, I would have been all like, HA HA joksters, kindly hand over my real present

But that is the human I have become. Genuinely THRILLED when that huge box came out from hiding last Christmas morning. A legitimate product to throw all my leftover food into and wait until it rotted back to earth??

What more could a girl ask for??

chilled cucumber avocado soupThe fact that I have parents who knew I would totally dig a do-it-yourself dirt machine (← ☺) was a gift in its own right. 

(I didn’t even ask them for it!)

chilled cucumber avocado soup

I love the idea of composting though, honestly, because I hate wasting and we waste loads of food in America- about 40% of it, actually. That’s 20 lbs of food per month, per person that winds up in landfills. 

chilled cucumber avocado soup

Sad, but inspiring for me to do my part to reduce that figure- and to trek out to the mosquito battlefield that is my backyard to toss the scraps from dinner into the ol’ dirt machine. 

While I find the process of horticulture beautiful and admirable and geekishly amazing (transference of life through sunlight and rain and fertilization!) I leave the heavy farming up to the professionals.

Admittedly, another non-strength of mine, which is made apparent by the graveyard of herbs strewn across my backyard. 

chilled cucumber avocado soupI didn’t let it get me down, though, because that is what grocery stores are for. 

chilled cucumber avocado soupThis chilled cucumber and avocado soup makes the perfect canvas for those summery notes of basil (grown and purchased alike). It’s creamy, refreshing and perfect for those evenings when you’re a little unthankful for summer’s generous temperatures. 

The bright, clean flavors of the soup get along brilliantly with the sweet pop of corn and the tang from a drizzle of yogurt or creme fraiche. A few twists of cracked black pepper and your spoon is ready for the plunge. 

chilled cucumber avocado soup

Spoon meets soup, meets mouth. Happily ever after.

The soup itself is perfectly consistent with the lazy mood of the season, and the hardest part is throwing a few ears of corn onto your grill. 

chilled cucumber avocado soupThe recipe makes enough corn for the soup, but I like to char up a couple extra ears while I’m at it, and repurpose for salads or stir frys later in the week. 

A little planning ahead is a huge step to reducing food waste, too. 

chilled cucumber avocado soup 

So is finishing your whole bowl of soup. 

chilled cucumber avocado soup

Which isn’t too difficult, in this case. 

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  1. Saw this recipe today, went out and bought the ingredients, whipped it up (easy) and just had a bowl!!! Delicious! I just thawed some frozed sweet corn since i don’t have a grill. I know it would be even better with the grilled corn, because it was great with regular corn. Living in Florida, this is a year round soup for me now. Thanks for the recipe.

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