Poached Eggs + Things I’m Currently Crushing On

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Last week, I poached my very first egg.  I cook eggs all the time, but I was always a little apprehensive about poaching them- mainly because I was afraid I’d mess it up and I get really irritated when I fail in the kitchen. 

But my first attempt was a success! I had it atop these steamed baby bok choy, and it made the perfect little nest for my poached egg.  Definitely a combination I would suggest.

How to:

1. Heat water to a gentle boil- you need it to be boiling but not violently.  An egg is a delicate little package, after all.

2. Don’t salt your water, but do add a few teaspoons of vinegar. 

3.  Crack your egg into a bowl give your water a swirl to get a sort of whirlpool going.  This will help the whites wrap around the yolk and cradle that orb of deliciousness.

4.  Gently ease your egg on into the whirlpool and keep the spinning going with a slotted spoon, preventing the egg from touching the bottom of the pan.

Leave egg to poach for 2-4 minutes, depending on yolk preference.  Gingerly scoop up the egg with your slotted spoon and transfer it to a paper towel lined plate to soak up some of the water before you plate it. 

Method adapted from Huffington Post


Other things I’m currently crushing on:

The work that my cousin’s foundation, More Than Me, is doing to fight Ebola.  She’s incredible, and is now regularly featured on NBC News.  She even took over their Instagram account one day last month!

This Whole Roasted Fish with Curry Leaf Chutney.  It is a little summery, I know, but that curry leaf chutney looks incredible!  And the simple, whole roasted fish makes me nostalgic for my days in Greece.  Love all of Linda’s bold and creative recipes, and I drool over her amazing photographs.

This new company called THRIVE Market.  Heard about it on Chris Kresser’s most recent podcast and was totally intrigued by the concept.  The membership-based online market offers health products at wholesale prices, but their social mission is what is even more appealing.  For every membership purchased, THRIVE donates a membership to a low-income family.  Healthy food should be accessible to everyone- not just to those who can afford it, and that is the mission of the company. 

This beautiful book that my mom is featured in! Art Journey Portraits and Figures: The Best of Contemporary Drawing in Graphite, Pastel and Colored Pencil.  Her work is truly amazing and I’m so thrilled that it has made its way into such a beautiful publication.  It might actually be out of stock, since my mom bought each of us a copy for Christmas. 🙂

These Rainbow Vegetable Rolls and Spicy Peanut Sauce.  I love fresh spring rolls, and all of the colors inside of these look so good!  Felicia relocated to Buenos Aires for love, and that is something that I can definitely relate to!


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