Parsnip Noodles with Turkey Kielbasa

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Parsnip Noodles with Turkey Kielbasa | Reclaiming Yesterday

[These Parsnip Noodles with Turkey Kielbasa come together in a snap and are perfect for adding in extra veggies!]

I have something seriously delicious to tell you guys about today, but first I want to catch up a bit.

I haven’t been posting to the blog quite as frequently as I have in the past. That’s because I’m always working on finding balance—both in my body and in my life. I’ve been doing more things outside of the blog that make me really happy, like yoga, reading, and just hanging out.

Blogging takes up a huge amount of time. I love it to death, but just shooting a recipe can take several hours. (That doesn’t include planning, recipe testing, shopping, writing and creating the post, sharing the post, etc.)

And since I have to shoot when the sun is out, that leaves only a few weekend hours to get all the photos snapped.

I still want to share yummy food with you guys 

I do make food that I love to eat every single day (like these parsnip noodles which I made as a “fridge clean-out” on a whim). A lot of times I’ll capture a little behind the scenes making my lunch on my Instagram stories. If I have time I’ll snap just one quick picture, and post it to Instagram with some information about the ingredients I used.

I know some of you guys might not see when I post those, so I thought I’d start sharing a few of them here as well. These are likely to be quickie recipes (I make them to eat in real life during my lunch break from work).

I know everyone—including me—can appreciate a healthy and delish meal coming together in just a few minutes, so I hope you guys like them.

Sorry for the lack of process shots, but I really hope these (and all my recipes) can serve as an idea for something you end up making. Use the ingredients you love and have on hand!

If you end up making this (or your version of it) please, please, snap a pic and share it with me! Seeing those pictures literally makes my day. 😊

Parsnip Noodles with Turkey Kielbasa | Reclaiming Yesterday

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