Last Year’s Trip to Greece: Part 2

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Last year K and I returned to Greece for the first time since moving to America in 2012. I shared part of that trip to Greece with you guys with the promise that I’d follow-up that post with another. That was about 11 months ago, so I’ll admit I’m a little late. 

But we’re getting ready to head off to Greece again soon, and that quickly approaching departure date has: 

  1. Reminded me that I still haven’t finished sharing last year’s adventure. 
  2. Brought up a whole heap of emotions for me. 


When I first traveled to Greece six years ago I was an anxious, directionless college senior. I never knew how much one trip could alter the course of my life forever. 

I immediately felt something align inside of me when I arrived in Athens.

The weather was hot, sometimes overwhelmingly hot (for an American used to heavily air conditioned buildings). But the heat sat with me well, and I found it much more comfortable than the humid summers we have in North Carolina. 


Within two weeks my digestive problems eased up a little, my skin cleared, my Madoosa-like hair started to cooperate (for the first time in 22 years).

I was eating amazingly fresh and flavorful food and appreciating every bite of it. Foods that previously landed way under the flavor-radar for me–like oranges and tomatoes–created an “AWOOGA” reaction in my mouth. (Like the cartoon wolf with bulging heart eyes, are you getting that visual?)

IMG_3185 (1)

I was also falling in love with one of the greatest humans I’ve ever met, and it was happening in the middle of the most beautiful scenery I could dream up. 

My first few months in Greece were the best months of my life. I felt unburdened and light, and it’s a feeling that I haven’t quite been able to recreate since. 


Looking through these pictures from our trip to Greece last year definitely makes me long for the sun, the dry heat, the salty breeze. And mostly for the healing blue waters of the Mediterranean. 

But I can’t help but to also feel a little anxious, because I’m still dealing with the health issues that I’ve been carrying around with me for the past 10 years. 

It’s frustrating to struggle the whole year with health issues, only to still struggle with them when you get the opportunity to have a holiday. For anyone who understands feeling chronically unwell, sometimes all you want is a vacation from your own body. 



But then I look through these pictures and I’m reminded of all the things that made me fall in love with Greece six years ago (and again when we visited last year, and probably every time that I visit in the future).


I want to dip myself into this crystal clear water and feel its rejuvenating powers.  



I want to actually experience the beaches that I see pop up on Google searches. Or Pinterest. Or “10 Beaches You Should See Before You Die” articles. 


I want to slip pieces of dinner to the stray kitties that make the most of tourists at outdoor tavernas. 


More importantly, I want to watch the sun set while eating an amazing dinner at that outdoor taverna. 


And most importantly of all, I want to do it all with my rock, my best friend, my biggest supporter. I want to see how happy he is to be reunited with the country, family, friends, and food that he left behind to build our life together in the US. 

The universe aligned our stars six years ago and brought two people living 5,000 miles apart together. And going back there together feels like a tribute to the Universe.


I’d highly recommend a trip to Greece as medicine for your body and your soul. If you ever have any questions about traveling to Greece or trip tips, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 


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