Blood Orange Mojito with Coconut Sugar

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 blood orange mojito 1

Produce hoarding is a serious issue that should not be taken lightly.  There are those among us who feel compelled to stock up on the season’s most beautiful fruits and vegetables in unreasonable quantities.  Do I really need three bags of  blood oranges? 

I’m only joking, of course.  My citrus collection may have gotten a little out of hand, but nothing that warrants intervention.


oranges limes

I just can’t seem to help myself with all the gorgeous citrus that is available this time of year.  And just like tomatoes in August, I feel an overwhelming urge to get them while they’re around.  And that fear-of-missing-out may or may not result in me buying my weight in sunny citrus fruits. 

orange juiced_

But that just means figuring out creative and delicious ways to use it all up, which I don’t really consider a negative.  This week alone I’ve made blood orange jello, thrown wedges of the deep red flesh into multiple salads, and now these cheerful, winter-denying mojitos. 

Saved the best for last I guess. 

blood orange mojito 2

This drink was born from my current obsession of combining blood orange and fresh mint.  Some tastes were just made for one another, and this marriage of flavors is seriously intoxicating (even before adding the rum!)  It’s amazing how something so simple can incite such an intense sensory response.  I’ve just been popping freshly peeled wedges and plucked leaves as a snack, but this past Sunday inspired me to make a drinkable version.

oranges limes top view

That’s because this past Sunday was the most beautiful, non-February like day I can ever remember winter giving us.  Just a glimmer of hope to keep you holding on until Spring makes its way back into our lives.  I made this pretty thing and enjoyed it while basking in the abnormally pleasant February sunshine. 

Really made all of my citrus hoarding well worth it.  

blood orange mojito 3_

And even if the weather is feeling less generous whenever you decide to make this, don’t feel discouraged.  Crank up the heat, turn on some Bob Marley, and pretend that you’re somewhere warm and tropical.

And stay strong, warmer days are ahead of us!

blood orange mojito 4_

 Cheers to warm February days!


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