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why organic matters

why organic matters

Amidst the overabundance of dietary advice you may have come across, the common thread seems to be that eating lots of fruits and vegetables is a pretty good idea.  We may be clever, but we’re not the only species that has this concept figured out, which means that sometimes (despite our best efforts) we have to share. Continue reading

Grilled Brussel Sprouts

Grilled Brussel Spouts

I always used to roast Brussel sprouts in the oven.  Last Thanksgiving, we quickly ran out of oven space and my little Brussels got the boot.  Determined to have them make it to the table, I threw on an extra sweater and headed for the grill.  They turned out amazing, the star of the Thanksgiving show, for sure.  Who thought grilled Brussel sprouts could steal the stage from the Turkey? Continue reading