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lemon parmesan roasted asparagus

lemon parmesan roasted asparagus


One time in college I tried canned asparagus. That was not a good experience. Poor asparagus- they never wanted to go in that can anyway. I’ve since figured out how to honor their deliciousness.  This is hardly a recipe, just a method that works great with any vegetable you might have waiting patiently to be used up!

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The benefits of Bone Broth

Good food takes time. If you’re new to cooking, it can also seem like a lot of work. To prepare a meal today, we have to drive to the grocery store and purchase the ingredients; the vegetables that have been trucked in from across the country, the spices that have been dried and packaged for us, and the meat that has been pre-portioned by the butcher. But if this seems like a lot of work, what did people do before supermarkets existed?

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Paleo BBQ sauce (GAPS legal)

paleo bbq sauce

Americans have a love affair with sauces and condiments. Unfortunately, these products are usually more like science fair projects than food. Even (especially) when a product promotes itself with qualifiers like “fat-free!” or “low-sodium!”, you can usually just translate that to “sugar-loaded, chemical explosion!”.

As for barbecue sauce, the number one ingredient is almost always High Fructose Corn Syrup (from GMO corn). You’ll then get a good mix of other seemingly innocent ingredients: tomato paste, vinegar, caramel color. That last one may not catch your attention, but despite its wholesome sounding name, it is in fact linked to cancer and its safety is currently being reevaluated by the FDA.

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Why Butter is Better

why butter is better

The most unfortunate resistance to eating healthy is the idea that in order to do so you must suffer through steamed broccoli and tofu every night. In reality, a healthy, real food diet can (and should) include foods that are insanely delicious.

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