Honey Citrus Immune Spritzer

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honey citrus immune spritzer

I absolutely love it when you start to feel Fall creep in. The sticky summer humidity and the buzzing mosquitoes fade away. And you suddenly feel an extra pep in your step as the crisp, cool air replaces them. 

But the obvious downside of Fall is the colds, flus, and coughs that sneak in with the new season. So we like to be prepared with an arsenal of immune boosters and delicious food-as-medicine remedies. 

honey citrus immune spritzer

One of my favorite (and most convenient) ways to boost immunity is with herbal extracts. Like this Immune Defense from Herb Pharm! You can take the extract daily with just water, but there are more delicious ways to add it in. 

I like to add the extract to this Honey Citrus Immune Spritzer for two reasons: 

  1. It’s delicious, refreshing, and pretty to look at. 
  2.  It’s got ginger, citrus, and honey to pack a powerful punch of antioxidants and allergy relief. 

My cabinets are full of Herb Pharm extracts, and I use them all the time for anxiety relief, for detox, for hormone balance–and everything in between. Earth Fare carries nearly the full line from Herb Pharm in their Wellness department. And there’s always a really informed staffer to help you sort through them all and find exactly what you need!


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