Chicken with Sweet Potato Enchilada Sauce and Cauliflower Rice

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Chicken with Sweet Potato Enchilada Sauce

I like to spend a little bit of time at the beginning of the week to prep some staples. That way, when life gets crazy, it’s easy to throw a healthy meal together. This sweet potato enchilada sauce over chicken and cauliflower rice, for instance. 😋

This enchilada sauce was ridiculously easy thanks to: 

  1. Organic jarred enchilada sauce (made with just a handful of pronounceable ingredients)
  2. My recent discovery that you can cook sweet potatoes in the crock pot!

Just wrap the potatoes in foil, add them to the crock pot, and cook on high for 3-4 hours. And voilà! Potatoes for the whole week. 

How convenient is that?!

Chicken with Sweet Potato Enchilada Sauce

This particular Tuesday night was really calling for an (easy) Mexican inspired dinner. So first things first, I thawed out some frozen chicken breasts—I always stock up on well-sourced, organic and/or antibiotic-free meat when it goes on sale. (budget-stretching pro tip)

Keeping with the convenience theme, I wanted to make the rest of the meal in the food processor-slash-blender that the fine folks at Ninja sent me to try out.

Not because I dislike chopping (I actually find chopping therapeutic) but this night my goal was to let the food processor do most of the work.  

Some nights you just need a break, ya know? 

Chicken with Sweet Potato Enchilada Sauce

So, in went some raw cauliflower, which I *magically* transformed into a low-carb, nutrient dense “rice” with the touch of a button.

The cauli-rice was placed to the side, and I added in some of my already-cooked sweet potato (thank you crock pot!), some organic jarred enchilada sauce (thank you Whole Foods!), a little bit of olive oil, and a splash of broth to thin everything out a bit. 

And in less than a minute we had some seriously tasty—and healthy—sweet potato enchilada sauce on our hands. Errr, not on our hands really, but, you know. 

Chicken with Sweet Potato Enchilada Sauce

Then it was just a matter of browning the chicken breasts up. Cooking the cauliflower rice (in the same pan). And covering them both with this shortcut enchilada sauce! 

Chicken with Sweet Potato Enchilada Sauce

Then I took it right to the peak of Flavor Town with some green onion, cilantro, avocado (always) and a fresh squeeze of lime. 

Chicken with Sweet Potato Enchilada Sauce

Dinner in under half an hour, and minimal dishes to clean up.

AND leftover sweet potato enchilada sauce to be repurposed again…(mmm grass-fed beef enchiladas)

Because apparently crock-pot sweet potatoes are the meal prep gift that keeps on giving. 

Chicken with Sweet Potato Enchilada Sauce

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