San Diego Vacation- Part II

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Sometimes the best part of a vacation is simply reliving the memory of it.  Our minds do a beautiful job of airbrushing out any less-than-perfect-moments that may have been present, until all we’re left with is the flawless recollection of that time.


I keep a scrapbook of all the out of town adventures K and I share together- filled with photos and the funny moments that you can’t stop laughing at then, but you might not remember a year later.  Flipping through that book always makes me happy, and reliving this last getaway now makes all the stress that comes along with the real world seem insignificant.


On some recommendations (of both the human and internet variety) we decided to explore Coronado; a not-quite island in San Diego County.  It’s not quite an island because it’s attached to the mainland by a narrow strip of land and an incredible two mile bridge.  Honestly, the view of the bridge was nearly as amazing as what it led to.


We made the trip over that bridge twice- first to visit the farmers market they had there on Wednesdays (my idea), where I bought the best raspberries I’d every tasted… and second to see the beach that won the title of Best Beach in America in 2012.  I happened to be traveling with someone with high beach standards, so that was a lot of pressure.  It was definitely beautiful- soft, sandy white beaches, deep blue waters, and crashing waves.. enormous waves.  Perfect if you’re an ambitious surfer, not so perfect if you’re used to the bathtub of the Mediterranean.  In Greek, the way you proposition a beach trip is pame gia mbanio, or, let’s go for a bath.  This beach wasn’t for taking a bath.

Still beautiful, anyway, plus I got to see my husband battle his first Pacific coast waves.


One of my favorite places we visited in San Diego was Old Town.  Super touristy, and this tourist loved every minute of it.  It is the oldest settled area in San Diego and was the first place that Europeans settled in California.  Seeing as I love anything with a hint of vintage, this place was right up my alley.  Vintage + Spanish flair, you had me at hello.


On our last day in Cali we had to make the drive back towards LA to catch our red-eye flight home.  We stopped off at Venice Beach for about 15 minutes (which was about 15 minutes longer than we needed to) and made our way to Santa Monica.  So glad we ended on that note, because it was beautiful.  We took a stroll down the Santa Monica Pier and talked about how our lives would be once we moved to California.  That’s California dreaming, just to clarify- no more multiple-time-zone moves scheduled anytime soon.


But it was a nice dream…


…and I’m happy to have the chance to relive it again now.




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