Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cashew Curry Sauce

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cashew curry sauce

Slowing down and simplifying should be easy, in theory. 

But in reality, it takes a good deal of dedication and willpower. It’s hard to de-clutter your life and let go of things, because (just like with your overstuffed closet) you convince yourself that you might actually need all of that stuff one day. 

I’m starting to learn that in wardrobe and in life, simplicity rules. 

cashew curry sauce

That concept applies to Brussels sprouts, as well.

These unpretentious baby cabbage heads beg for nothing more than a drizzle of oil, a shake of salt and pepper, and a quick roast in a hot oven.  

cashew curry sauce

Roasting benefits no other vegetable quite as well–it’s like magic the way those little cruciferous knobs transform into the perfect snackable bite–salty, crunchy, tender in the middle–they addict you in the same way a pile of french fries would, and that’s why you really need to be generous with the salt. 

It’s also why having something delicious to dip them into is not a bad way to go. I dunked my roasted Brussels into this creamy cashew curry sauce.

cashew curry sauce

It didn’t disappoint. 

If you make this be sure to tag me on Instagram @ReclaimingYesterday. Seeing those pictures really makes my day! 🙂 

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    • Susanna, are you allergic or sensitive to peanuts? I think you could sub them here. I also think that blending some cooked white sweet potato with the other ingredients (maybe adding a little extra coconut milk) would be great too!

  1. YUM!!!! I eat roasted brussels almost every day, no joke!! I love them so much. I like to roast them cut side up for the first half of cooking, then flipping them individually (time consuming but works). Sometimes I even start them in a cast iron skillet!

  2. Hi Ally,

    I’m going to make this recipe, but you mentioned “1 cup raw unsalted cashews, soaked in water for several hours” how long would that be -2, 4 hours?

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    • Thanks so much for the message, Jill! I loved your meditation class last week – so much of what you said hit home for me! Looking forward to filling more of my Sunday’s with that positivity 🙂

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