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Ridiculously Easy Paleo “French Toast”

Ridiculously Easy Paleo French Toast | Reclaiming Yesterday

Weekday breakfasts should be:

1) filled with healthy things to power you through your to-do list.

2) so tasty, they cancel out any craziness the day might throw at you. 

Bonus points if a weekday breakfast is also ridiculously easy. Like say for instance, this Paleo French Toast.😋

Weekdays are hard! Give yourself something to look forward to each morning. With a *minimal* amount of planning you can make yourself a super quick breakfast without sacrificing in the health OR flavor departments.  Continue reading

Beet and Turmeric Sauerkraut

Beet and Turmeric Sauerkraut | Reclaiming Yesterday


[I made this probiotic-rich Beet and Turmeric Sauerkraut for Earth Fare!]

It’s resolution season! 

When the New Year comes and we all get focused on eating better, it’s usually about removing foods–or eating less of them. But it’s also important to think about what foods we can add to our diet to improve our health. Homemade, traditional sauerkraut (and fermented foods in general) should definitely be something we get more of! 

Fermented foods have become trendy in the health food scene, but our ancestors were eating them thousands of years before us. They did it to preserve food before the nifty invention of refrigerators, but it turns out there are a TON of health benefits from traditionally fermented foods, like sauerkraut and yogurtContinue reading

Orange Cranberry Spatchcock Chicken

orange cranberry spatchcock chicken | Reclaiming Yesterday

Sometimes you do things for the first time and you just think WHY? WHY did it take me so long to stumble across this magic??

That discovery moment came for me recently when I decided to finally make a spatchcock chicken. 

I’d already discovered that roasting a chicken was the most rewarding kitchen adventure there is. I knew that nothing on Earth compared to that first pinch of glistening, golden brown skin straight out of a hot oven.  Continue reading

Calming Coconut Milk Eggnog

Calming Coconut Milk Eggnog | Reclaiming Yesterday

[I made this creamy Calming Coconut Milk Eggnog for Earth Fare!]

I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life. Through trial and error, I’ve found some things that help, but I still feel it creep up every now and then. But one thing that’s really helped me cope with my worry-prone mind is finding out that I’m not alone! Lots of other people deal with anxiety. Maybe even you? 

We have so much on our plates these days! We try to fit so much into the limited number of hours available, that sometimes the pressure builds up–and that’s when the anxiety can bubble to the surface. Continue reading