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Is Sugar a Drug?

Is Sugar a Drug?

Although there are varying degrees to what one might describe a “healthy” lifestyle as being, I’d say most everyone can agree that drug use does not fall into this category.  Drugs, and the addictions that often accompany them, can blow in like an unexpected storm, wreaking havoc on the bodies of those who abuse them and the lives of anyone in the destruction’s path.  While the initial participation in these substances is often a choice, we’ve come to understand that the mechanism keeping a user coming back for more is based on simple biology. Continue reading

The benefits of Bone Broth

Good food takes time. If you’re new to cooking, it can also seem like a lot of work. To prepare a meal today, we have to drive to the grocery store and purchase the ingredients; the vegetables that have been trucked in from across the country, the spices that have been dried and packaged for us, and the meat that has been pre-portioned by the butcher. But if this seems like a lot of work, what did people do before supermarkets existed?

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Fall Off The Bone Baby Back Ribs (Paleo and GAPS friendly)

fall off the bone baby back ribs

For far too long the health food community has suffered from fat phobia. This myth is slowly being unraveled, however, as new studies reveal the important role fat plays in our health.   Recently, nutrition scientists at the Havard School of Public Health stated that:

“the low-fat campaign has been based on little scientific evidence and may have caused unintended health consequences”

Because we have been conditioned to fear fat in our food, eating foods with fat can feel sinful. But the reason fat is so tasty is because as humans we are biologically programmed to desire it. What our bodies are asking us for, however, are natural fats (ones that our ancestors evolved with over hundreds of thousands of years).  The American diet has replaced these natural fats with man-made, industrial seed oils- fats that are not found in nature and are thus foreign to our bodies.


Baby back ribs seem like a lot of work but they’re so easy. The problem with ribs is usually the sauce they’re smothered in.  I make a BBQ sauce when I cook baby back ribs so I can control the ingredients myself.  If you do use a store bought sauce, check the label carefully.

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