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Why Grass Fed Beef?

Why Grass Fed Beef


Everyone has a favorite food. Luckily for us, our ancestors hustled and bustled their way to the top of the food chain, securing a dietary legacy unmatched by any other creature on Earth. As omnivores (in America), we sit at the top of the mountain, the most difficult aspect of our eating experience is selecting what to eat from the thousands of available options. Continue reading

Is Sugar a Drug?

Is Sugar a Drug?

Although there are varying degrees to what one might describe a “healthy” lifestyle as being, I’d say most everyone can agree that drug use does not fall into this category.  Drugs, and the addictions that often accompany them, can blow in like an unexpected storm, wreaking havoc on the bodies of those who abuse them and the lives of anyone in the destruction’s path.  While the initial participation in these substances is often a choice, we’ve come to understand that the mechanism keeping a user coming back for more is based on simple biology. Continue reading