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A Bibimbap Bowl Party

A Bibimbap Bowl Party | Reclaiming Yesterday


[I threw this fun Build -Your-Own Bibimbap Bowl Party for Earth Fare!] 

I’m back at it with the Bibimbap!

Do you guys remember those bibimbap bowls I made with duck eggs a while back? Making those bowls really got me addicted to bibimbap, and they’ve quickly become a favorite at our house. 

Bibimbap is a Korean comfort food dish that translates to “mixed rice.”

To make a bibimbap bowl you start with a base of rice, and then top it with meat and/or an egg, plus all the colorful veggies you can pile on. 

There’s no strict set of rules and the toppings are endless, which is why these bowls are great for a party! 
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Visiting Monemvasia, Greece

Visiting Monemvasia, Greece | Reclaiming Yesterday

Back last September, K and I made a trip to Greece.

We both think Greece is the most beautiful place in the world (and we’re both a little biased).

Backstory: K was born and raised in Athens, Greece. It’s where he intended to spend the rest of his life. That is, until he ran into me during my Study Abroad program in 2010…and both of our paths were completely rewritten.

K’s seen a lot of Greece, of course. And I’ve seen a pretty good little hunk of it.

But both of us were blown away by our visit to Monemvasia. 

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Gut Healthy Bone Broth

Gut Healthy Bone Broth | Reclaiming Yesterday

[I made this Gut Healthy Bone Broth for Earth Fare!]

Do you love your gut? 

That word. GUT. It’s picked up a negative connotation, no?

GUT kind of makes you think of “beer gut,” or “bubble gut.” It makes you think of something you want to avoid–or get rid of. It doesn’t always make you think of something you need to nourish, love, and pay more attention to.  Continue reading