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Grass Fed Beef and Veggie Burgers

Grass Fed Beef and Veggie Burger | Reclaiming Yesterday

[I made these juicy Grass Fed Beef and Veggie Burgers for Earth Fare!]

I think, if you’re gonna eat meat, you should try to eat really good meat.

Grass fed beef is better for a lot of reasons, and even though it’s a bit more expensive, it’s the only beef we buy now. The health advantages totally outweigh the cost in my mind, but I do have a few tricks for stretching the meat further to get the most bang for my burger buck.  Continue reading

Why Buy Grass Fed Beef?

Why Buy Grass Fed Beef? 

I used to avoid red meat all together. That was because I thought red meat (and saturated fat) was something that we all needed to avoid if we wanted to live a long, healthy life.

But then I started learning a lot more about real food. And that’s when I discovered grass fed beef—and how it’s completely different from the standard beef we see most often in stores and restaurants.

Now, we eat beef at home pretty often—but only if it’s grass fed. It’s not because we’re snobby, but once you learn about grass fed beef and experience the difference, you just can’t go back! Continue reading

Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon

Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon | Reclaiming Yesterday

[I made this tasty Sweet Potato Hash with Kale and Bacon for Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs!]

I used to think that all eggs were pretty much equal. I mean, some might be brown, some might be white, but eggs were eggs to me. 

Now I know the way a chicken is raised makes a HUGE difference in the quality of eggs she lays. Healthy, happy chickens lay eggs that are not only tastier, but also more packed with the nutrients that our bodies need.  Continue reading

7 Tips for Mindful Eating

7 Tips for Mindful Eating | Reclaiming Yesterday

We’re all so busy that sometimes eating is just an afterthought. But if we want to have a healthy, happy relationship with our food, it’s important that we work to practice more mindful eating.

This is a definite work in progress for me. I actually came up with these tips while eating lunch one day. The irony of that is not lost on me. 😜  

Mindful eating is something I struggle with, but when I make an effort to do it more often, it makes a huge difference. For me, it’s not something I do to lose weight, but it does help me to recognize my actual hunger cues and avoid emotional overeating.  Continue reading